Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Never Know Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

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You Never Know Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

You never know
How badly this could go
I've got disaster written on my cheek
The odds are I'm some two-faced, lying freak
Who will whisper pretty things, then leave you flat
And steal your cat
It might not be that bad, but even so

You never see
The worst that things can be
You think you do, 'cause you've been hurt before
Another hurt might hurt you that much more
And odds are I will do what most men do
And hurt you too
'Cause men are men, and odds are odds,
You never know

You may think you know the end at the beginning
But the truth is,
there's no mortal way to tell
And the game's not over 'til the final inning,
And I'm grinning 'cause this game might just end well

You never know
If I only want your dough
I might be on the lam or on the dole
Off my meds or off my nut or on parole
Or even worse, I might be someone who
Is meant for you
And maybe that's the thing to lay you low
You never know
If I'm a drunkard or a dullard,
too callous or too clever
Or if I might just be the man who's meant to be with you forever
You never know
You never ever know

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