Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Lirik Lagi / Song Lyrics


'Cause I was still unsure
But it's something I'm used to
And I can tell by your face
No one's ever been rude to you
But I can tell you things
That I can't say to anyone
And you came out today
But you didn't stay very long

Now it's like the world owes you
Walking around like everybody should know you
I want to be like we used to
But now you're worried 'cause that means we'd lose you
And I had no idea
What that feeling could do to you
And I could tell you've changed
All the people around you
I used to take the long way
Just so I could walk past your door
I used to wait outside
But I guess I won't anymore

So much I want to tell you
So much I want to tell you

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