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Hey Kid Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

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Hey Kid Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

Hey, kid,
Everyone's waiting on you, kid
Everyone's wondering what you'll do, kid
It's true, kid
Me too, kid

Hey, kid,
We're so excited just to know you'll soon be here
Say, kid,
we're both delighted though that may not seem so clear
But I did my OBI rotation
so I know the in's and out's
And you're an act of God's creation
so I'm fine with all the doubt
I'm a doctor and a soilder
I've been shelled and under fire
But kid,
if I say that you don't scare me,
I'm a liar

Now, kid,
You did surprise me though I know the facts of life
Wow, kid,
It terrifies me just to say "my pregnant wife"
'Cuz kid, I gotta tell ya
I'm not ready, not a bit
There's this macho act I'll sell ya,
While inside I lose my shit
It's not that I don't want you
'Cuz I do, despite my fears
But kid,
Is it true you'll stick around for eighteen years?

Then the call comes on the iPhone
I grab a cab 'cross town
I find her on the fourth floor
and they've got her in the gown
She's never looked less lovely
She's a grump and she's got gas
And the labour's eighteen hours,
Oh my God, kid, move your ass!
Then at last you make your entrance
And well, kid, you're quite a sight
I'll be honest, you're disgusting
But I know that you're all right
Though you're screaming and you're spitting
And I can't quite see your charms
They clean you and the clothe you
And they put you in my arms

And I realize in an instance
That I've known you all along
That I've wanted you forever
That I'll never do you wrong
And whatever this world comes to
And whatever comes our way
I will watch you
And protect you
I promise kid,
We'll be ok
We'll be ok
We'll be ok (Heey)

I feel like yelling-
Ring the bell and bang the drum
Say, kid,
There's just no telling all the things that you'll become
And I think we'll have some fun here
Your mom, and you and me
Before your time is done here
Kid of mine, I hope you'll see
That this life is what you make it
It's cliche, which means it's true
And kid,
It makes my life to know I helped make you

As a father, kid,
I may not have a clue
But your mom and me will somehow muddle through
If my asshole dad could do it - I can too
In fact, I'll do better,
I'll start new
'Cause, kid,
My kid,
Our kid,
I love you

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