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Always Starting Over Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

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Always Starting Over Lyrics- Indiana Menzel

In my life,
I never thought I'd get a second chance
I thought I was done
Then I met you
And though I never dreamed I could learn how to love again
I placed my bet
And you came through
I somehow still lost
I somehow always do
This time feels new

Thank you for finding me
And thank you for the care
And fuck you for making me
Think that this life might be fair

You promised to love me
A promise you have kept
And I won't be sorry that
You said to leap and I leapt

I won't regret
What I did then
Though it hurts more than I
Could imagine back when
All the same even so
I would love you all over again

Am I always starting over
In a brand new story
Am I always back at one
After all I've done
'Cause I've burned all of my bridges
And learned every last lesson too
So how can I start new?

Oh I'll love our children
Both fiercely and well
When they ask about you
Oh lordy! the stories I'll tell

And I won't regret the lives I didn't lead
I knew you, I loved you
Let that be all that I need

Say that its fate
Say its foretold
I'm through with fighting
And I'm much too old
What the gods have to give
I'll take and I'll live and be bold

If we're always starting over
Every brand new morning
Then we're always starting out
With the end in doubt
We can leave life for tomorrow
Or grieve all that we thought we do
Or make each moment new

All that has happened Is happening now
All that might happen Is here somehow
All of the choices that made me me
All of the accidents yet to be

All that's ahead
And all that's behind
It's all in the moment
I'll make up my mind
And open my heart
And start
And start

Cause we're always starting over
Every life we're living
Yes, we're always just awake
Every step we take
And my love, our life is over
But love, I'll make you one last vow
To start over
And over
And over
My new life starts right now

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